Speeding Down the Highway at 45 Miles Per Hour

June 16, 2017

Recently while on a long drive I was deep inside my own thoughts when I realized that instead of driving the 65 mph speed limit, I had unintentionally slowed down to 45 miles an hour. I was surprised that I had slowed down 20 mph, and I was totally oblivious to the fact.

Has this ever happened to you? I don’t mean literally. I mean in your life. Have you ever lost momentum or lowered your sites about important goals or ethical standards without even realizing it, as if you inadvertently “let your foot off the accelerator?”

I meet with an executive coach every other week. Yes, I am an executive coach, but I also have a coach. I do this for a number of important reasons. Mostly, she asks me powerful, probing questions about my most deeply held beliefs, values, and aspirational goals, and then, I do a gut check about how aligned my activities are with those elements. These powerful conversations are one of the key things that help me to become more of who God intended me to be as I grow my leadership skills.

The “Aha” that I had “slowed down to 45 mph,” related to my professional goals, came about as a direct result of the coaching. It’s a rare thing to have a “sacred space” to be totally transparent, vulnerable, and honest about what’s most important in business and life, and then be encouraged and challenged to commit to those goals.

If you've done much study about leadership development, you're aware of the phenomenon of how we become like the environment we’re in the most. We absorb, almost imperceptibly, the attitudes, beliefs, actions, and even pace of those with whom we associate. The long-term effects of this are dramatic (either positively or negatively depending on our choices).

And since you are the one who sets the tone…

  1. Are you consciously choosing the environments that help you absorb the best possible attitudes, beliefs, and ethical standards?
  2. What are you doing to ensure that you’re nurturing your creative, whole self?
  3. How are you ensuring that you haven’t unknowingly let your foot of the proverbial gas pedal?
  4. Who is holding you in a safe and accountable space to reach for your best self?

I’m assuming you’re a leader or you wouldn’t be reading this. Answering these questions is important, but it’s only the first step. It’s vital that you are responsible for your own learning, attitude, beliefs and daily motivation. You are the most important part of this equation. I encourage you to do whatever is necessary to keep your “foot on the pedal” to move towards your best self. Keep going!


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