The Power of #Intention

In my last blog I encouraged you to answer five questions regarding “what matters most” to you. I suggested that you “take a few minutes” to write down your intentions, and then I “guaranteed you” that it would set a better course for 2018. Kind of bold, huh!

Well, I can guarantee you this because of: 1) the success stories of my friends/colleagues who regularly write out detailed plans and goals; 2) myriad research studies affirming this point, and; 3) I know it to be true from personal experience.

The picture above was taken in my home office. This chart was created, reviewed, and amended numerous times during the last six months. There was also a January – July version on the wall for the first six months of 2017.

While I’ve long been a goal setter and a “Type A” person, this was the first time that I had a high degree of intention about area of my life that are very important to me, like relationships with my wife and kids, exercise, work, and volunteering. And these activities are aligned directly on my values around family, health, faith, and generosity.

While I think that I am, in general, a productive person, 2017 might just have been the most productive, fun and fulfilling year of my adult life. And here’s the point…this is directly tied to the power of intention.

I made the time to reflect on what matters most, created a plan to get there, and regularly remind myself of the plan and its importance.  This releases motivation and creativity, creates momentum towards achieving the goals. And people in my network generously helped me stay the course.

This is important enough to me that I hired an executive coach to ask me important questions every other week about my plan. Yes, I am an executive coach, but most effective coaches have coaches. This “power of intention” created consistent focus and accountability for me.

By the way, it took me about an hour to reflect and write out the answers to the five questions. What are you waiting for? The people and things you care deeply about are waiting for you to show up with full intention. You have within your reach the ability to rewrite your own story ending for 2018. Make it a great new year!


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