The Best Leadership Event Ever That Wasn’t Covered by the Media – #GLS2018

I attended the 2018 Global Leadership Summit #GLS2018 this week, as I have numerous times in past years. It might have been the best leadership conference I’ve ever attended. I pulled into the parking lot on Thursday morning and the media trucks from ABC, NBC, CBS, and WGN were all present with reporters and cameramen milling about interviewing people. And then the totally predictable happened…not one of the media outlets actually reported on the event. But that’s another story.

So…here’s a brief report on the what really happened at #GLS2018. First – who was there, and then some of the “pearls of wisdom” I gathered.

There were 12 outstanding leadership speakers representing the best of corporate, nonprofit and religious circles. 6 of them were women. 2 speakers from Africa and one from Denmark. At least six of them are New York Times Best-Selling authors,  the top-voted CEO from Oklahoma, Senior VP from Apple, Founder of EcoNet Group…voted by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, Time Magazine’s “America’s Best Preacher”, Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley, who is also on the board of overseers at Harvard University and on Walmart’s board of directors, one was voted Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”, an Ambassador for Stop the Traffik, an entrepreneur who owns two successful European soccer/football clubs, Harvard Faculty member/best-selling author, Founder of one of the fastest growing health providers in South Africa, and Simon Sinek, yes Simon was there.

Just a few of the “pearls” I gathered:

  1. #1 Trait that employees want to see in their leader (Bain & Co. Research) is being “centered.” People want a boss who is centered, consistent, predictable, transparent.
  2. As a leader you can have “control” or “growth”, but not both.
  3. Your culture will create your brand. Many organization’s culture is there by accident or neglect.
  4. Don’t use “2D Media (like text or email) to resolve “3D” (highly emotional) issues.
  5. Your vision should be big enough that you’re cautious with whom you share it.
  6. Curiosity is one of greatest qualities of people you want on your team.
  7. Legacy will be what you leave “in” people, not what you leave “to” people.
  8. Most of the biggest decisions about your career happen when you’re not in the room. (job interviews, promotion discussions, etc.)
  9. Anyone can create smart plans. The defining leadership element might just be how you anticipate and use intuition to get a head start.
  10. “Outcome Bias” – We often judge a past decision by its outcome instead of based on the quality of the decision at the time it was made.
  11. Pain is not the boundary to our limitations, it’s the starting pointing towards greatness.

And…if you just want to see a really hilarious short video about how we can be culturally insensitive.

Leaders who are authentic, strong, ethical, focused, and resilient are needed now more than ever. Keep going!


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