Three Minutes That Will Change Your Life…and Your Organization’s Culture

I recently was introduced to this short but very powerful three-minute video that literally can change your life, and your organization’s culture. Of course, changing your company’s or nonprofit’s culture is a bit more challenging than just watching this video, but the premise and lessons taught in here are transformational.

Please take a three-minute time-out and watch.

So…where are you? Or where are you, most of the time?

And who decides where you are? Exactly!!! As the great philosopher, Kim Becker says often, "Life is about choices."

I was facilitating a session with a client last week that is dealing with LOTS of change and uncertainty…real existential types of issues. In the middle of the conversation, one person stated, “Wow, there’s a lot of anxiety in this room!” Many of them were so far “below the line” that they were much more concerned about being “right” than improving their culture. They were convinced that holding onto their opinion was more important than letting go, taking a risk…which is the only hope for positive change.

And it took courage and transparency to speak the truth that out loud. Others acknowledged the reality of the moment…and it helped. And some were just too far below the line to even understand that they were contributing to the anxiety. But there is hope when some are willing to speak the truth without grousing about it.

My clients were willing to lead with humility, honesty and not afraid to ask for help. This simple, yet powerful formula is at the heart of healthy change, personally and organizationally.

So…where are you? You get to decide.

I’d love to hear what you think was most impacting from the video…just send me a message.

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