#YouDecide – Leadership Decision 1 or 2?

Recently I’ve been reflecting about several situations with which leaders are confronted. I realize that because of my personality, ego and experiences that I sometimes jump to conclusions too quickly. So today I’m offering four leadership scenarios for you to ponder. You can decide what would work best for you:

Situation #A - When people on your team disagree with you:

  1. Do all you can to discredit them, squash their opinion or just fire them
  2. Encourage diverse thinking and lead by appreciating controversy, deeply listen for understanding as to why others don’t share your opinion, and discern the wisest path for the long-term future of those involved

Situation #B – When someone on your team has committed a crime or acted unethically or tarnished the reputation of your organization, and is unrepentant:

  1. Endorse their behavior at the expense of your principles, character and decency for a perceived short-term win
  2. Stand your ground and do right – because it’s right, regardless of which way the political winds are blowing

Situation #C – When confronted with solving or rebuild immensely complex systems that have enormous long-term implications for your stakeholders or community:

  1. Move quickly without listening to any thought leaders and make decisions by edict
  2. Gather the smartest, most innovative thinkers you can find and listen to hear, understand and inform a savvy strategy, all-the-while realizing that you’ll need to “hold the tension” of differing opinions

Situation #D – When confronted with decision-making that has global religious, political, economic, and safety issues for millions of people:

  1.  Use untested and impulsive theory and opinions to please yourself and those who “suck up” to you for personal gain so you’ll be seen as decisive and important
  2. See answer “b” from previous question, and realize the immense gravity and implications of the power and authority with which you’ve been entrusted

Your team is looking to you, and needs you to make wise, and sometimes difficult decisions that take courage, vision and the ability to span the tension of people with strong and diverse opinions. It’s all about the leadership. You can re-write your story ending. Keep going!

*Disclaimer – If these situations seem eerily familiar to what’s happening on the geo-political scene regarding: the West Wing, Politics, Taxes, and the Middle East, it may be just a coincidence…or not.


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