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What others say about Brian’s consulting…

Brian brings a passion and commitment to helping individuals and organizations get better, and he does it with a demeanor that is both focused and caring. Brian’s success in the past has come from him being able to quickly learn about and understand his clients, and then provide feedback that is both useful and doable. Having known Brian for many years, it is exciting for me to see him in the space in which he so richly thrives and serves others.

Donald Christian, Ed.D, President and Chief Executive Officer, Concordia University Texas

Brian is the best-of-the best visionary strategists – evoking organizational wisdoms and insights during the consulting process that are perceptive. His delivery and facilitation skills are outstanding – mutually collective, comfortable style, and sensitive to the organization and leadership group with whom he is working. He’ll help you move your organization in the right direction!

Jim Yagow, Executive Team Member, Pastoral Leadership Institute

Brian has a real knack of knowing how to transition non-profit organizations into effectively serving the community’s needs. He also has tremendous experience in leadership development. His leadership coaching is highly effective and he has provided many new and emerging leaders with the skill set needed to succeed.

Roderick E. McCallum, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs (Professor Emeritus) Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Brian is a change agent with proven experience guiding leaders and organizations to realize their potential for greater service and impact. Part curious listener, part tenacious visionary, Brian understands how organizations work and the process for planning and creating transformative change.

Keith Wakeman, CEO, SuperBetter

I have known Brian for 10+ years and have always been impressed with his knowledge of the non-profit community and his commitment to strengthening their ability to make a difference in the community in which they serve.

Ann L. Vazquez, President/CEO, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis

Brian Becker has extensive experience in consulting with non-profits who are committed to making a difference in their communities. He’s particularly effective in helping them plan and design programs from start-ups to follow-through and evaluation. Brian has successfully consulted and worked with hundreds of non-profits.
As a Board member, I’ve seen Brian work very effectively with Boards to challenge them for greater effectiveness, plan for their organization’s future, and envision their short and long-term strategic planning. He’s also skilled at coaching the executive of a non-profit in his or her leading the board in this directional process.

Jim Handrich, Associate Head of Schools, Hong Kong International Schools

I have seen Brian help organizations manage change and growth and help both new and experienced leaders smartly identify and effectively take on the strategies needed for success. He is a friendly and wise presence, comfortable to learn from, always honest and straight, and always in your corner.

John Bouman, JD, President, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

I have known Brian for over 13 years in various capacities. He brings considerable knowledge and experience in various not-for-profit capacities to the table. His incredible commitment and compassion, and his strong communication skills make him an ideal candidate to provide executive consulting services to various types of organizations and individuals.

Tom Hallett, Chief Financial Officer, Concordia University Chicago

Brian Becker doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. His heart for missions combined with his insight as an experienced nonprofit executive make him an invaluable resource to organizations of all sizes. As the Founder of a nonprofit organization, I firmly believe that Brian’s diverse experience provides an invaluable perspective to organizations who are looking to rise to the next level. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian to any organization or nonprofit professional looking for guidance from a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and mission-minded consultant.

Rob Steinmetz, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Development, The Bridge Teen Center

What others say about Brian’s coaching…

Brian is highly skilled at providing executive leadership coaching. He listens and is insightful, and more importantly, is genuinely curious about your customers and clients. Together you develop strategies to uncover the path forward to address the underlying needs of the people you serve. After his coaching, I implemented his advice, and it led to increased sales and stronger business partnerships that grew my operations.

Michael A. Alden, General Manager, Ascentria Care Alliance

Brian has a knack for recognizing and nurturing unseen potential within people, communities, and organizations. He is an active listener with a keen awareness of real challenges facing our world yet models how to operate from a place of abundance, creativity, and gratitude. With Brian, you’ll gain practical tools, an energized vision, and a genuine, long-term friend and champion.

Rebecca Brandt, Co-Founder ABAN (A Ban Against Neglect) Accra, Ghana

Brian has extensive experience in coaching leaders of non-profits as they implement new initiatives to meet the needs of their communities. He listens well, challenges when that is needed, and supports leaders in their leadership work with their Board, constituents and community. He has extensive experience supervising non-profit staff to help them unleash their skills and talents or in coaching executives to be more effective with their staff.

Jim Handrich, Associate Head of Schools, Hong Kong International Schools

Brian Becker has been an executive leader for many years of his professional life. Now he seeks to benefit others in matters of strategy, structure, fundraising, and the development of their own leadership approaches. Brian is well-positioned to coach emerging senior leaders and engage the concerns of current executives. He will ask good questions that enable them to identify their strengths, ameliorate their challenges, and find effective paths forward for their organizations.

Shirley J. Roels, Ph.D., Senior Advisor and Director, NetVUE (Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education – Council of Independent Colleges)

Brian brings good listening skills, intelligence, workplace experience and compassion to the table when we meet. His insights and suggestions have been helpful to me as a man and as a leader in the business world.

Steve Brueggeman, Chief Financial Officer, Western Golf Association and Evans Scholars Foundation

Brian’s ability to connect with people and build relationships is a true gift of his. From the first time I met Brian, I could tell I had a lot to learn from him. His way of making complex systems and theories relevant and easy to understand has helped me tremendously. I’ve grown in my personal, professional and spiritual life because of Brian.

Andrew Steele, Founder, Bloom Africa, Director, Global Church Sponsorship at Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Brian is a man of honor, faith and courage who is true to his word and always attempts to bring out the best in those with whom he interacts. Brian has great instincts and possesses an even greater capacity for getting to the root of an issue or problem and having done that he is more than able to enlist, elicit and employ those factors to successfully complete the most difficult of tasks. He is a rare combination of thinker/dreamer mixed with the wisdom of a Christian pragmatist. He is a good man.

Dr. Ralph Wagoner, President, Augustana College, 1993-2000, President, Lutheran Educational Conference on North America, 2000-2010

Brian Becker has had the rare opportunity to work with a wide range of gifted people and organizations that are trying to do very important and very difficult things. He has proven to be a thoughtful, supportive companion for those who want to keep learning, growing, and serving.

James Wind, M.Div., Ph.D., President, The Alban Institute, 1995-2014, Distinguished Visiting Professor and Director, Large Church Leadership Project, Wesley Theological Seminary